Monthly Archives: June 2015

Work Smart, Not Hard

American worker rights have plummeted, and our aggregate quality of life followed suit. So, while we are in the fledgling stages of what may be a worker renaissance (think Bernie Sanders presidential candidacy), we must still find ways to maximize our freedom. This is true, whether we work for ourselves or someone else. After all, a demanding customer can be just as big of a downer as an overbearing boss.

This may be easier said–or written–than done, though we must eliminate business activities that don’t provide us with the dollars-per-hour that we deserve or aren’t something we would voluntarily do with our free time. The higher our productivity, the more we should be getting paid. Isn’t that a huge part of what capitalism is supposed to be about? If I can produce double the amount of a product or service, thus making my employer double the amount of cash, then my paycheck should reflect this.

As workers and business owners, we must reward employers/customers whose pay mimics the true fruits of our labor. Thus, we have more free time, more time to innovate, or more time to make more money, whatever we may choose.