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Independence Through Working From Home

Being self-sufficient means different things to different people. For me, among  other things, it means having a degree of independence through working from home on the Internet. Remote working may not end a life of indentured servitude, though it will bring a degree of independence, and the zero commute-time is also nice. Keep in mind, just because you may be in your Pjs, it’s still work and remote positions require discipline.

Working from home, almost exclusively since 2008, I understand the ins and and outs of telecommuting. After all, it’s how I pay the bills. My main duties are copywriting, moderating, SEO writing, and ad rating.  Finally, there’s a  few ways to make spare change and earning gift cards while I’m performing usual job duties.

Working From Home Starts With Dedicated Office Space-- ©2015 Don Shepard

Working From Home Starts With Dedicated Office Space– ©2015 Don Shepard

Working from home: how to find the work

Over the years, I’ve built a library of sites that present work-from-home employment offers staffing platforms, and various other potential money-makers. I always  keep an eye on the opportunities. For anyone serious about working from home on the Internet, I recommend checking out some of the sites below and joining a few email feeds. I like getting Indeed opportunities emailed daily using keywords such as “Remote” or “Telecommuting.” Then, if you have an office job, you may be able to convince your employer that it saves them money to allow you to perform at least duties from home.

Of course, some telecommuting opportunities offer more independence than others. Working from home as an employee, generally means less autonomy than contract work, though it may also bring greater assurance of consistent work. Either way, I generally make my own hours, though this is not always true.

Here’s a sampling helpful sites for Internet money-making gigs:

Always vet any company, or individual you may work for, and keep in mind taxes work differently for contract positions. They aren’t taken from your paycheck but the income is considered at the end of the year. Generally, if you make under $600 for an individual entity, you won’t have to report that income. However, I’m not a certified accountant or tax attorney so this is from my experience only.

Good luck and have fun!